We undertake the creation of new websites, the renewal, improvement and maintenance of existing ones.

Making webshops, software testing.

Mobile application development, support service.

Kovacs Csaba


I have 20 years of programming experience. I have done several projects in a team or individually.

With my good communication skills, I can assess the needs of my clients easily and quickly.

Kovacs Dora

Software tester

I have experience in testing and documenting programs and preparing user manuals.


Website development

Our service provides a solution for creating sophisticated, modern websites, or upgrading an existing website, as it is well-structured and optimized The value of a website is invaluable. During the development of the website, we pay special attention to attracting visitors.


If you don't yet have a webshop, we'll help you get started. We will develop the most optimal solution for you, we'll also help you learn how to manage your new webshop. We are also helping to modernize existing webshops.

Software testing

Detailed testing of desktop and mobile software as well as web-based applications is the software specifications based on positive and negative branches, and reporting bugs.

Creating a mobile application

We make your mobile application from a responsive website with a low budget.

Support service

With our high professional knowledge and good communication ability, we undertake to operate your system.



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